I’m about 97% finished with my current project, which is a dress. This is not the best picture, I know. I’m going to work on having someone take pictures of me in my made-clothes and I’ll post them later when I got them. Apologies!!

IMG_7028Look! It has little treble clefs and piano keys!

Well, actually they aren’t piano keys unless someone has added a B# and a E# (that aren’t enharmonic with C and F, of course).

I rode by this fabric for several days, and obviously couldn’t resist it.

The pattern is a burda style pattern with 1960s influence and interesting seams (not at the sides but slightly forward) although perhaps you can’t see the seams very well what with the fabric.

I’m planning on debuting this dress the next time we have a spectacle at CIAMO. Prepare yourselves.


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  1. Love all the fabric you are decorating yourself and your apartment with!

  2. cathy says:

    you are AMAZING!!! Handsewing that!????? I love the print too! My favorite ones are the technology related fabrics, especially USB cords and electrical plugs

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