Making a spectacle / Musical dress

The dress has been seen on the blog before, but it made it’s public debut not long ago, and that’s enough to get it another mention in my book.

The past few weeks, we’ve been working very hard in the art room (well, a little hard) and even harder chez music, dance, and theater. We were gearing up for our end of the unit spectacle, or show in English. But it sounds better in French.

There was much dancing and music and theater from the students, and greetings of dignitaries, applause and all that good stuff. The founders of the Center were present, as was a delegation of students from Nigeria, as well as local dignitaries and parents of students. I had a front row seat!

The art department had 2 – 3 minutes to make some sort of presentation to show that the students were learning. The first idea that was floated is that we could have a mini class and the students could answer questions: “What shape is this?” “It’s a circle!”

But, given that the audience had just listened to a rock performance, or watched a traditional dance with percussion, my counterpart and I thought that might be kind of a let down.

So we put together a skit with some of the older kids. One kid wants to paint the flag of Benin, which is red, yellow, and green. But, his friends can only find the three primary colors, red, yellow and blue. When they said that they had found blue for the flag, the audience went crazy. “NO! Not Blue!!!! No!” After they calmed down, our “know-it-all” kid was able to explain that you can mix blue and yellow to make green.

We’ve been working on color mixing with the older kids. It was pretty cute.

On to the dress. It’s a Burda pattern from the first Burda magazine I ever bought in Colombia. Unfortunately, the Spanish language Burdas in Colombia don’t have a date on them anywhere, but I’m assuming it’s the issue that came out right before Halloween in 2012. Maybe. Anyways.

I like the dress, it’s pretty cute, and you have to admit the fabric is apropos, but unfortunately, it doesn’t fit with my active lifestyle here. You can’t really ride a motorcycle in it, and definitely can’t ride a bike. So, I’ve folded it up in my closet (box in my room) and will be taking it back to the states.

I also outfitted these silly red shoes I bought at the market with matching bows. At first they had big, garish flowers with shiny buttons, blech. But I made them more suitable.


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