IMG_7428 Ah Easter. The perfect time for debuting a new dress, right?

I started work on this dress probably in mid-March, with the happy coincidence of finding this fabulous fabric (cowrie shells! bright colors!) and the arrival of the April 2014 issue of Burdastyle magazine. (Critics of the internet agree that this was a fabulous issue.

IMG_7456IMG_7432So, I got to sketching. There was a dress in this issue that had this absolutely lovely boat-neck and interesting princess seams. So I went right ahead and attached that bodice to a somewhat fuller skirt than the one it’s attached to in the book. (Basically just a big rectangle gathered at the top.

The fun part, though is the scalloped hemline. I followed a tutorial at the Coleterie blog for a scalloped hem. It was pretty easy although I messed it up but good with  measuring. Sigh. I wanted the bottom of the scallops to match up with the dark part of the cowrie shells but I miss calculated and this is what we’ve got. Ah well. It’s still super cute and wearable.

IMG_7434What did we do for Easter? I went over to an American volunteer’s host family’s house and we had a nice lunch and played Uno with the kids. They went to Mass in the morning, but I slept in (and then baked them chocolate bread. Win-win).

Then, Easter Monday, we went out with them again, to the beach at Ouidah.
IMG_7449It’s a little bit out of town, maybe a 15 minute moto ride, but I’d never been before (sad, right?) Apparently Easter Monday is the day to go, as there were approximately a billion people there. I don’t have a great picture of the hoards, but you get the idea. It was kind of fun to go on the day that everybody goes, like hiking up La Popa on Candelaria days or Mont Serrate on New Years. Although with those two places you probably shouldn’t go except at that time. IMG_7455

We ate sandwiches and walked along the beach and collected shells. Unfortunately, you can’t swim because of the currents, but it was still nice to go have a walk along the shore. I also enjoyed seeing everyone out and about in their Easter best and made quite a few clothing sketches.

Right then. Hope you also had a great Easter, and happy sewing?


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  1. aunt alaina says:

    You look Lovely in the new Easter dress! Spring has sprung! I love you and miss you. Can’t wait to hear what is next in the adventures of Abby in the box

  2. You were right, it is super cute! Love how the internet is helping you get ideas even in the wilds of Africa! I hope you can get a sewing machine so you can make lots more cool stuff!
    Love you

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