IMG_7484Well, I made a button down shirt. I really love short-sleeve button-down shirts. Like, really really. It’s about half of my wardrobe. Most of the ones that I find at thrift stores and the like have little puff sleeves. Which I do really like, but this shirt has, in fact, straight? sleeves. With little pleats on the cuffs. There is also a pleated front of the button band, and little button holes on the inside. When I was in Colombia, I bought a sewing magazine. Well, three. Two Burdas and one “Georgette.” IMG_7485If any of you have ever sewn from a Burda magazine, you know that they don’t always give the most detailed instructions. They basically give you a picture of all the pieces in the pattern, tell you where to find them on the pattern sheet, and then give you steps of what to do. There probably won’t be any pictures of what you should be doing. On the contrary, Georgette magazine just tells you what you should be doing. Sort off. Much is left to the imagination. Some pieces are not even mentioned in the instructions so you might just have a pocket or something left over after you finish sewing. But if you like rompecabezas then this is sure to be fun. IMG_7534For instance on this shirt: it’s never really mentioned if there is seam allowance or not. I think this might be why my collar is so enormous. But maybe not! There was also this weird thing where there were two pieces to the inner band of the collar and only one piece to the outer band of the collar but they really did not fit together so much. Procedure: cut out the pieces suggested for the shirt. (possibly go ahead and toss some out if you feel like it) and then use your best judgement to assemble. But I do like the way it turned out! It’s got all these pleats down the front that you may not be able to see. IMG_7535Seriously though guys the instructions basically read: Do the darts in the front and back. Put the yoke together with back and shoulders. Close the seams. Close the sleeves and put them in the sleeve holes. Do the arm/wrist thingies with the pleats and the pully thingy that goes in them and attach that all to the sleeves (something to do with bias, something about drawstring). Do the button band, pleats are involved. Make some buttonholes and put some buttons one. Hem! TADA!! Granted my Spanish is not amazing, but seriously. They aren’t very helpful instructions.


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  1. You are going to have to buy another suitcase to get all your handmade clothes home! Any leads on a sewing machine?

    • abbyinthebox says:

      I -do- have two leads on sewing machines!
      1) the directrice of the school says I can come to her house and sew, but she has to get her machine serviced first
      2) My friends host dad says he knows somebody who sells machines here in town, so that might be a possibility.

  2. Aunt Alaina says:

    Great job, Abby!! Looks beautiful. You will be designing your own patterns soon!

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