And I’m celebrating by giving myself presents. Whatever my little heart desires, within reason.

First present to me:
Colette patterns “Ceylon” dress. I really love shirt dresses, and this one has some pretty adorable details like look at those shoulders! I saw a version on the internet in grey wool with white embroidery on those little round shouldery things. Too cute.

I also strongly considered the Deer and Doe Belladone dress, but it appears that there is no E-version of that pattern and let’s face it, I wanted my pattern tout de suite!!

I bought it, I downloaded it, stuck it on my flash drive and marched down to a recommended copy shop and printed it out. Done and done.


Up ’til midnight cutting and pasting and blogging!

This evening was dedicated to sticking together all the pattern pieces, and cutting them out. And listening to podcasts and drinking tea.

UNFORTUNATELY, I believe the copy shop printed it out at 90%. So, I’m going to cut out and make up the size 4, which may or may not be 10% bigger than the size 2 they have me wearing on their measurement chart.

I’ll make a muslin and hope for the best.

ps. I think I might be shrinking again. Or perhaps still shrunk from Colombia. I think I -did- gain some weight in the US the month I was back, but I imagine it’s gone now.

And on to more birthday plans. It’s important to plan things out ahead of time here, and anywhere. At least, I think it is. My birthday this year is on a Monday. So,

  1. I’ll probably go into Cotonou for the weekend so I can eat birthday Indian food. It’s a tradition. I may end up eating it alone, but that’s fine with me.
  2. I shall buy chocolate and consume a lot of it without any thought to rationing.
  3. I may wear my birthday dress (see above) if I finish it in time.
  4. I will buy 2 bags of salt and vinegar chips, and eat one immediately
  5. On my actual birthday, I will bring a cake to work. Hopefully my mom’s (Grandmas Roz’s?) Sour Cream Chocolate cake, widely known as the best cake ever, which is also a tradition (definitely ate it for 24, but not 23 I don’t think. Had it in cupcakes for 18)
  6. More presents from me to me as I see fit. Probably food related.


Hugs to all and Happy Birthday to all of my May birthday CII3 girls, y’all are the best and you know who you are.


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  1. Aunt Alaina says:

    Hooray! Birthday month! OoooH I hope you have fun.

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