Greetings from the first week of May!

MMM2014I was successfully able to wear handmade clothes every day this week! Hooray for setting manageable goals!

I also finished up two projects, which count, but it’s a little bit cheating since I did most of the work in April. Turn your attention to the sailor-looking shirt on days 5 and 7. It’s newly finished so I should do a post on it. Unfortunately I’m having a difficult time photographing it. See the collar? The big collar that is sort of the main point? Perhaps not because it refuses to photograph very well.

As you can also see, we are now repeating clothes. So I need to get busy on my new projects so I can wear them. Luckily in Benin, repeating clothing is perfectly normal.


2 responses »

  1. Brian says:

    Don’t tell anyone but I repeat clothes too.

  2. Brian says:

    Oh, these are really nice clothes you made.

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