I made an executive decision that there probably won’t be time to make the Colette Ceylon dress in time for my birthday. Especially considering we’re at just over a week ’til and I haven’t even cut out yet.

So, I’m concentrating on my wearable muslin, which is going to be a shirt.

Basically I cut the bodice out of some fabric that didn’t have a goal in life yet, since I hadn’t found the PERFECT fabric yet, and I wanted to check the fit because of the fact that I accidentally printed the pattern at 90%.

Won’t be going to that copy shop again! Actually, I will because she was super nice and gave me, like, a 20% discount and threw in a free folder.

So, I’m concentrating on finishing up this blouse. And yeah, the size 4 at 90% is a little tight. I did measure, but I didn’t take into account the overlap of the buttonbands at the front. Should have cut the 6. But I’m just sewing the side seams a little less that 5/8. And this is why we make a muslin, right?

I also drafted little straight tail pieces to make the shirt long enough after the midriff bit. Just straight down the same angle from the midriff pieces, although I am going to go back and redraft the back tail piece because I didn’t account for the darts. But no matter! That’s why I made them a little longer than necessary. I’m also going to curve the hems when I get to that part.

Funtimes at the sewing desk!


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