MMM141Thoughts: The labor day outfit (skirt day 8, top day 11) has some significant problems. It was, after all, a rush job. The petals of the skirt don’t really move nicely the way I hoped they might. So, I think I may have to just sew the fronts together most of the way down. There’s a lot of flash potential at the moment.

The shirt… well, it has some flash potential as well. I guess crop tops are a thing, but not where I am currently living. The good news is, you can take an elastic waist skirt up around your boobs, and then wear the shirt over that. Or maybe wear it as a little jacket over a dress. But if you’re wearing a dress, why would you need to also wear a shirt? It also requires reflection. I cut it from the guidelines in “La Coupe” which tell you to refer to another shirt pattern in the book and then make some changes. The new shirt, however, is obviously much shorter than the original. They don’t, however, give you a new length measurement.

The turtle skirt is definitely going to win the prize for wearability, I think. It’s comfortable, and it’s blue. I wear a lot of blue. I learned what the sayings under the turtles mean. The fabric saleslady couldn’t tell, but the directrice of the primary school says that’s because it’s in Mina, which is a different language. She says it means something like “The won’t be able to stop talking about me.” Or maybe “haters gonna hate?” That’s me extrapolating. She couldn’t explain how her saying and turtles went together, but I’m going to try and ask again sometime.

Holes in my wardrobe: Nice everyday sundresses. I have one, and it’s super nice and easy to slip on, but I didn’t make it. I also have the cowrie shell dress, but sometimes I feel like that’s too dressy for school (little kids, glue, paint, etc.).

Can you tell which day is my day off, when I sometimes don’t even leave the house? Friday. May 9th.

The skirt used to be a wrap skirt that I’ve just worn into oblivion. I fell of my bike months ago and tore ragged 6 inch long gashes in the skirt. So I re-cut it into a A-line skirt. It’s comfy and suprisingly good for biking in. You can’t see in this picture but I also installed a waistband that was hand-woven by me on my inkle loom.

Happy May!


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