me and JFK - budsMy name’s Abby Rowswell.  I started writing this blog mainly as letters to home and friends, because I’m too lazy to actually write letters. But, it’s possible you are a stranger-type, so, welcome!  I’ve been writing here for more than three years, and in 2014, this blog will see me onto a fourth continent. 

I’m 24 years old. I graduated from University in May 2010. My degree is in Music and French, neither of which I’m really using at the moment. I play the oboe, and I like to try to find some kind of orchestra to play with no matter where I go. I was born in New York, but grew up in South Georgia, and when I go home now, I go home to Wyoming.

Currently I’m headed off on a new adventure, but still with the Peace Corps. Starting in mid-January 2014, I will be serving in Benin, as an art teacher. Pretty cool, huh? My qualifications for this job are working at Art Camp as a teen, and growing up with artist parents. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Time spent in ColombiaFor the last two years, I’ve been in the Peace Corps in Colombia, with the first full two year group of volunteers since the program closed down in 1981. I worked at a public school in Cartagena, assisting English teachers and helping them with their English and some new teaching ideas. I also played with several orchestras and made friends that I will never forget. It was a wonderful experience. And having the beach right there wasn’t half bad either.

Time spent in ChinaBefore Colombia, if you interested, I was working in Beijing, China. This blog also has 10  months worth of back entries from my time living and working there. China was also an amazing experience. The culture, language, and food was just so complex, and really entirely different from my own. I am very grateful I got to see, experience, and befriend a country that not many people ever even get to see. 

Sorry that this “about” page is a little boring, but, now that we’ve met, maybe my blog will be more interesting?


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