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Hello to the Blogoshpere!

I haven’t been bloggin much lately partly due to the poor internet I get here, and also partly due to a lack of interest on my part, and thirdly because of a lack of finished sewing projects. Sorry!

It is definitely possible to blog consistently here, you just have to seek out the internet and have things prepared in advance. And I just can’t do that at this point in my life. Sorry again!

So, stay tuned to the blog for an announcement in August about the FATE of the BLOG!

Without further ado, Colette Ceylon.

So you may remember that I bought the Colette Ceylon pattern as a birthday present to myself. I made that cute little blue shirt from the bodice before moving on to the dress with my more specific fabric. There were some difficulties with the printing, so when the shirt turned out well, I went ahead and embarked on the dress.

ceylonI got some pretty green fabric at market, not too crazily patterned, and not too largely patterned. I also bought some mint tea around the same time that just went along. Perfect accessory.ceylon 2Highlights of the sewing/fabric culture here:

1. Awesome and ridiculous prints readily available (stay tuned for bathtub printed cloth)

2. you can get a button-down short sleeve shirt tailored for around US$ 4


I went to a notions shop with my fabric scraps and the lady snipped out several dozen circles, popped them in her machine, gave them a press, and out came these adorable fabric covered buttons. I paid about 1 dollar for 16. Very pleased!

ceylon 1Less than pleasing were the sixteen buttonholes down the front. I decided to go for bound buttonholes. I’m not entirely sure why. Maybe I thought they would be quicker or easier? They weren’t. I think they take me about the same amount of time, but they are a whole lot more fiddly and annoying than simply buttonhole stitching. Oh well, lesson learned. They do look pretty nice, though. Maybe it’s a task I’ll have to revisit when I have a machine.

sewing machine!Speaking of which, there is now a machine waiting for me in Cheyenne. Mom found one on sale at a thrift shop and snapped it up for me. Thanks Mom! You’re great!

About the dress. I did a lot of flat fell seams, because I like the way they look. In places that would not look good with a flatfell (ie the sleeves) I did French seams. Actually the sleeves were really weird because the front is attached to the shoulder yokes (2 pieces of fabric and interfacing) and the back is only attached to one layer of fabric.

What I ended up doing: French seamed the back, and then sandwiched the front between the two layers. This did lead to some weirdness where the two styles combined, but overall i think it was successful, if slightly time-consuming.

Alright guys, that’s it for today. I’ve got a skirt refashion I’ve almost finished and a few other quick projects on the needle, so to speak. Stay tuned.


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