This week is my fourth blog-iversary here at Wombat’s Log. My very first entry was in August of 2010. I had just finished college a few months ago and had just in barked on my (first of many) great adventure!
I got on the plane to fly to Beijing China with two highly impractical vintage? Samsonite suitcases and the sincere hope that somebody would come find me at the Beijing airport.

Since then I’ve blogged through two years in Colombia with the Peace Corps and a third year with the Peace Corps in Benin. It’s been fun!

I’m going to finishing up my time with the Peace Corps here in October, so it seems like a good time to close up shop on the blog too. Am I finished gallivanting around the world? Maybe. I’m kind of liking the idea of getting a little apartment and having matching dishes and eclectic furniture. But I haven’t ruled out the possibility of more work abroad.

The world of social media and the personal blog just seems different from what it was four years ago, or maybe I am different. Whatever. Suffice to say, I don’t feel like keeping on top of my blog about essentially nothing right now.

Will you miss me?

If we know each other in real life, you can subscribe to my twice monthly newsletter, contact me for the details on that.

And, it’s possible I might start a blog in the future. Maybe one focused on sewing? If I do, I will posted about it here. So, feel free to stay (sort of) tuned for at least a few months more.

It’s been fun!


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  1. hannerrrr says:

    It’s been a good four years! Now come back and be my friend-in-person soooon.

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